Friday, December 21, 2012


I am sad to say that I have failed to send Christmas cards over the past few years.  No excuses.  I just didn't do it.  I have had good intentions, but I get frustrated when I see the prices of the store bought cards and then when I add the cost for postage and I just cringe.  You should not have to take out a small loan in order to send holiday greetings.

This year I did whip up a "few" homemade Christmas cards to send to friends and family that we don't get to see very often.  
I think they turned out real cute.  I got the idea on Pinterest (of course!!).  I am just mad at myself that I did not mass produce these little gems, so I could have sent one out to each and everyone of my family and friends.  

Heck, there is still a few days left in the holiday season.....I better get busy!

Happy Holidays Everyone! 

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Cookie said...

I went on Pinterest last year and borrowed your idea and some others using buttons I had accumulated over the years. I made small cards and envelopes and put them in mailboxes for our church members. Our congregation is small so there are about 50 families. Had much fun!