Friday, April 8, 2011

Spinning in Circles

I'm sure I am not the only one, but I believe I have too many projects In Progress and I feel like I'm starting to spin in circles. I must sit down and complete a few projects ( clear a path for some new ones and to open up some floor space that is consumed by fabric). I have 11 out of 12 QOM of the Civil War Tribute, but I have only completed 4 of the months. I am excited to get the quilt top finished as I think its BEAUTIFUL (I've even purchased 10 yds of fabric for the backing), but I have lost some of my desire with block 5. Hummmm? This one might have to sit for a while. Last summer, my mother-in-law and I worked on these blocks of "Love Blooms" out of the Anka's Treasures book. All the blocks are sewn, borders and binding are precut, but I decided to hand applique the flowers on the various blocks. 4 blocks sewn and 20 to go! This one might take me another year. I guess I will work on this one every once in a while. Its probably a good "road trip" block to work on.
Each night, I have been appliqueing blocks for "A Little Porch Time" that I purchased from the Buggy Barn. I'm over half done, and still LOVE working on these blocks. It also keeps my hands busy at night while watching television, and keeps my face out of the freezer searching for ice cream (i.e. my BIGGEST weakness!)
This past weekend, I began working on the 2nd Fig Tree Club Project. Its a small project, and I thought I could just whip it up in no time..... We'll see how that goes.
Basically, I have go to get something done. I promised Madame Samm from Sew I Quilt we could exchange projects, so I have to get my rear in gear! Don't worry Samm....I'll get it done.

Wish me luck, and send me some motivation!

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Anonymous said...

My dearest Cousin,

You sound like me....but here's what. Because you have projects in progress and in different stages, you will eventually have all of them done at or around the same time. If you are like me I usually have 4-5 done at once. It's a great feeling and a HUGE accomplishment.

Also, I admire that you want to hand sew those appliques. Me...I do no hand sewing, not even buttons. That's what I have a sewing machine for. If it can't be done on A machine (sewing or otherwise), it just can't be done.

Love, Linda