Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Family Tradition

Quilting is a passion for me! I thrive on it!  I love to sew and I especially love the end result of my many hours behind my machine.  I personally believe (for what its worth) that sewing/quilting is a talent that is not something that just happens to an individual.  Its an infectious gene that is passed down through generations.  You either have it or you don't.  Some people can learn, and some need to depend on the kindness of others to create these masterpieces. I am so thankful to share in this passion and the talent with my cousins, aunts and grandmothers.

While in Tennessee, I learned about the my mother-in-laws family.....the Seatons.  
The women of the Seaton family often gathered for their own quilting bee's stitching up precious family heirlooms.  I was able to admire a lot of the old quilts sewn by Mama Roberts, and Aunt Addie during our recent visit with family.   There is a lot of history and stories that accompany each and every quilt.
Many quilts are still proudly displayed with honor and pride.
Each one was made with love, sometimes as a necessity of life, or as a gift for someone special.
They were sewn out of the old feed and/or flour sacks, and filled with hand rolled cotton.
 I am honored to store and cherish some of these works of art.
Mama Roberts and Aunt Addie spent long hours hand sewing each of these treasures in the 1950's (and I am sure while sharing stories and laughing over great memories).   PRICELESS!

 I am so pleased to be able to continue the passion and love for quilting with Mamaw Carolyn and even Cousin Mellene.  We share the sisterhood of being a quilters.

 Here is one breathtaking quilt finished by Malene stitched from scraps and made with lots of love! 

Family Tradition....that's what its all about! 


Anonymous said...

Mom, love the quilts you make! Can't wait to see what the next one will be.

Anonymous said...

Mom, just like my sister above, I love the quilts that you make! I am honored to own the quilts that you & the grandmothers made. I didn't have much to mention in my Will but the family heirloom quilts are in the Will. Oh, "Mellene" is really spelled Maliene & she is another member of the Seaton family.

Karen Sue said...

Carolyn did you know that my Mom made 4 of these beautiful quilts. one for herself and one for her 3 kids. I just got home from a visit. You should see what she is working on now. I'm hoping for a quilt for christmas! I hope she got the million hints I left her!