Sunday, April 3, 2011

Weekend: Final Chapter

Yes, my weekend was to be consumed by hours of sewing, but I think it slowly turned into an eating fest as I kept looking forward to my next meal.

On my last day, I had the pleasure to inhale Breakfast Tacos.... and

Beef Bourguignon for dinner. I was truly sad to leave my own private chef, but I made a promise that I would return!

If I wasn't feeding my face, I was actively sewing in Linda's sewing room! She had a station for her three machines, but she kindly removed one of her older machines so I could set up temporary shop.

The majority of my sewing time consisted of sewing together 160 4" four patch blocks, 160 HST units, and then arranging them in different rotations. I think I came up with 8 different various, but these were my two final decisions. Which one do you like? Its the same general pattern, but the brown squares run in an X formation, and a triangle in another. Well, here is where I sit today. I did not finish a quilt top. I still need to figure out which overall pattern I want to follow, and then start sewing blocks together.

I eventually grew tired of working with the flannel project, and switch to a Buggy Barn "Weathervane" design I had previously cut out. I didn't get far with this pattern, but it looks like it will turn out so cute!!

All in all, I had a fabulous time! Thinking about my next trip to Bozeman, but dreading the 6 hour drive back home.

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