Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Chix in the Kitchen

Chix in the Kitchen is for women who love to cook and entertain. It’s for creative women (and very social women), who are not afraid to let their inner child out to play with their food.  Chix in the Kitchen is a forum for fun and fellowship with other female foodies!  

My mother (Helen) is a member of this organization and she (along with five other woman in her flock) gather several times each year to cook and socialize.  

My cousin Linda choose to surprise my mother and make personalized aprons for her favorite aunt and her fellow hens.  Linda spent several months creating these aprons, and the big reveal was on Tuesday evening.     

Helen (my mother) is the stewed chicken (wouldn't expect anything different) 
     and the rest of the flock showing off their new kitchen attire!


Anonymous said...

Karen...thanks for the creative genius credit but the real credit goes to Linda Huber and Bonnie Collins for the chicks. I did embellish, ruffle and embroider and think that they turned out really cute!

Love, Linda

Helen said...

Well who ever designed the chickens did a great job. BUT, the person who did the sewing and extras is the "best" on my list.