Friday, June 10, 2011

A Little of This, A Little of That

Like a majority of my fellow quilter's, I have numerous projects in progress.  I do a little of this, and a little of that whenever I have a moment!   However, I am starting to feel overwhelmed, and can't seem to find the motivation to get some of these projects finished.  
I've have enough log cabin blocks completed to put together a queen size quilt top. 
However, I decided to follow Anka Treasure's pattern and hand applique flowers on some of the blocks.  This has been a work in progress for almost a year. I do see the light at the end of the tunnel on this quilt as I only have a few more flowers to stitch before I can start assembling the blocks into rows.   But, like I said....I am doing the applique by hand.
In March, I was able to sew together enough 5x5 flannel blocks to assemble a queen size quilt top, but I still need to lay the entire thing out to determine what pattern I was going to follow.   I feel like I have lost my interest in completing this quilt.  Its just sitting in a wicker basket staring at me each time I sit at my machine.
I have about 1/3 of the star blocks completed.  I still love this pattern, material, and color selection. I am excited to try and get this top finished, but the nice weather and life is standing in the way of getting this quilt completed.
What more can I say about this gem!  I just need time to sew!
I am a participant in a Block of the Month for the Civil War 150th Anniversary Quilt.  I only have four months completed.  I became frustrated in Month 5, because I was shorted some fabric and I just tossed it to the side figuring I would try and find some substitute fabric at a later time..... and later has now been 4 months long.  I still don't feel like sewing on this one, but its going to be fabulous once I get it completed. 
And, I am still regularly working on A Little Porch Time, and hand appliqueing the blocks.  This is also a Block of the Month, and I have two months left to finish.   This quilt is just for the fun of it, and I've enjoyed working on it.  It will probably be displayed as a wall hanging when finished.   

Whew.....I am just overwhelmed!  I probably just need to take things one day at a time. 

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rubyslipperz said...

Wow! You've done a lot! I really like the Nutcracker...looks like an Amy Bradley =)