Saturday, July 9, 2011

Road Trip

Getting ready for a road trip.  Lots to do, and so little time.  But, I made sure I had my cross stitch packed and ready so I can work on another square.
Flying off to Orlando to pick up Sissy's car and driving it up to Tennessee to store it at the in-laws while she finishes her adventure in Germany.  Hoping to be able to hit a few quilt shops along the way in search of some new projects, and of course, trying out some new restaurants for some good food! I will be away for a few weeks, so check back later in the month as I would love to be able to share my travels with you.  Ta Ta!

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Gmama Jane said...

Drive safely and enjoy your road trip. I'm such an independent woman EXCEPT in the area of driving alone. I juat don't do it. I've always had a fear something will happen and I won't know what to do plus as I've gotten older I have a terrible issue with fallin asleep at the wheel. Hope you find lots of good quilt/fabric shops along the way. I'm a new follower and came from Sew I Quilt.
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Gmama Jane