Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Southern Style

While I was born and raised in California, I would like to believe a part of me came from the South!  I love everything about the south (except the humidity, of course).  Each time we travel to Tennessee, we get the pleasure of meeting up with friends and family and gather around Bird and Brenda's cabin at the base of the Smokey Mountains. 
There is nothin' like Southern hospitality!  Brenda, Marlene, Mamaw Carolyn and Myra (along with the gentleman folks -- cue in a southern drawl...) treated us to a wonderful country dinner of fried catfish, and hush puppies along with some other wonderful side dishes.
Say "hush puppies", Mamaw and Brenda!
The cabin is a family homestead, and furnished with antiques handed down through the years.  I absolutely love the ol' stove which cooked these MOUTH WATERING hush puppies.  Don't worry....I ate my fair share of these little babies!!
I caught Donna digging into the desserts
including this warm dish of cobbler made by Myra. 
With a full belly, we all sat on the front porch and admired the spectacular view of the Great Smokey Mountains.
Unbelievably beautiful!  

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Karen Sue said...

I remember going to my aunt Vera and Uncle Dave's house when I was a kid. I loved the smells that came from her kitchen. When I heard they had moved her home to it new location I was a little sad, until I went for a visit. The view from the porch is beautiful. I think Aunt Vera and Uncle Dave would be pleased.