Monday, August 1, 2011

Wantabe Quilter Campagine Begins!

A new friend and fellow quilter
 is starting a fabulous GIVE AWAY that is going to last for several weeks!  GIVE AWAYS!!  FREE!!!   Its AMAZING!   While I am brand new to blogging, I have been quilting and sewing for several years.  I have lots of $$$ invested in my hobby, and this giveaway is set up attract new quilters and friends.  I have a few followers at this time, but I strongly encourage you to check out this campaign  and see what you can win.  Please utilize me as your following blog (as I get credit too).  Good luck!  And, keep me posted on your winnings!

1 comment:

Kathy Maurer said...

Yeah I signed up yesterday thanks for sending the link to me. I even joined a blog for a gal in the Yukon Territories, i think she lives close to my buddy Barney