Monday, September 26, 2011

Sewing Room Wish List

About a year ago, I took over our basement and made part of it my sewing room.  I placed all my sewing essentials and odds & ends in their temporary home with the hope of setting up and organizing a true "sewing studio".    Today, my space is still the same.   I'm drawing a blank!  I need help!  Perhaps. some inspiration from my friends (hint, hint, hint).

Here it is....suggestions please!

My cutting counter is the only area that I would not change.

My sewing machine was to only be temporally set up on this folding banquet table, but here it still sits.  I have looked into those elaborate sewing stations, but have you seen the PRICE?  Yikes, I would have to give up my first born as collateral.  Any ideas? I like the size of the table, but I need something a little more it won't shake when I am sewing at Mach 1.

The floor space is fabulous to lay out my works in progress. I have placed very little on the walls with the anticipation of sewing something just for my sewing room.  While the shelving unit holds some of my fabric, I am not showing the run off hidden in bins in the cabinets and closet and the bolts of fabric stacked in the corner on the floor.  I need some sort of organization for easy access.

Any ideas you can shoot my way would be appreciated!  I want to make this area just for ME!


Sis said...

Check out pinterest

Anonymous said...

YES! Check out my CRAFTROOM board on Pinterest, it's FABULOUS, if I don't say so myself!! Look at too. They have all that Martha Stewart craft room furniture, not expensive either! Also, google "images of craftrooms" Not kidding. Great things show up there!

Anonymous said...

Hey Cuz,

Ken's pretty handy. They have patterns to make sewing stations. My girlfriend had her husband make two for her room. Just remember to make at least 18" off the back so that when you machine quilt there will be no drag. I think Ken should make two. One for me when I visit...your other quilting friends...your sister.

Go look at Sewing & Craft Club, Koala Studios and I have the Quilt Pro w/o the side tables. And I have 2 of those chairs...yes they are expensive but well worth it! Your butt doesn't hurt after 4-6 hours of sewing.

Love, L