Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Now that the holiday season is officially upon us, I am starting to feel the pressure of completing all my (intended) homemade gifts for my family and friends.    The end of September I began my HGP (i.e. Holiday Gift Projects) quest.   While I currently have eight projects either completed or work-in-progress, I am starting to get a little confused as to what gifts I have yet to complete.   Therefore, I thought I would do a quick recap to remind myself of what I have completed and what I still have in store.

HGP #1:   While it was the first project I started in September, I just finished the quilt top and I am taking it to the quilter today.

HGP #2:   Assembled, quilted, and currently sewing on the binding.

HGP #3:   It's all done, and even wrapped!!

 HGP #4:   Its cut out and I just need a few hours to sew it together.

HGP #5:   Finished and ready for gift wrapping!

HGP # 6:   Its quilted, and waiting for me to sew on the binding.

HGP # 7:   Fabric and accessories purchased, but it is still sitting waiting for me to get it done.

HGP # 8:   All the hand sewing is completed, and I need to add on a few accessories before completing.  I should have this baby done this weekend!  

Sew, I have time to begin HGP #9:

I technically have 24 more days left to sew and complete a few more projects.  I should be okay so long as I don't have any unexpected interruptions and my family doesn't expect any dinners or clean laundry over the next few weeks!    Humm?

Dear Santa:   All I want for Christmas is to be able to quit my day time job so I can sew at my hearts desire.     Love,

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