Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Sew, I finished another tote bag this past weekend.  This one I am calling a "Diaper Bag" as its a gift for a family friend who is scheduled to deliver a baby boy in three more weeks.
I had enough fabric left over that I was able to whip up a few bibs.
And, I hope to make a batch of homemade baby wipes that I found at (more on this later).
Homemade baby wipes
I have been using the same pattern for all the tote bags I have been making for the past few months.  In fact, I have gotten such GREAT feed back on these bags that I have purchased a few bolts of fabric and I am putting together some kits to sell online (@  
Watch for future posts on this project. 

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Cheryl Scribner said...

That looks awesome!!! Nice job!! You need to let me know how much fabric you use so I can go buy some and you can make it. Haha