Friday, February 24, 2012


My mother recently celebrated her 70th birthday!  I wanted to make her something special and something that she would personally enjoy.   She has been having health issues lately, and I knew she was going to have some down time at home while on under doctor's care.   What makes one feel better than a hot cup of tea to sip on while relaxing and enjoying a good book, or movie?   TEA!  That's it!!!  I'll make her a tea cozy!
 I found this Tea for One set shortly after Christmas. Perfect!

Using a Tea Cozy I received from Madamm Samm ( as a guide and reference, I decided to re-purpose or recycle some old family linens my mom had given me some time ago.
I found a small linen window valance with some pretty lace.
Made a template and cut two pieces out of the linen fabric.
Sewed the pieces together.
 Lined it with some soft pink polka-dot scrap fabric.

Covered a button with matching fabric and recycled the left-over lace.

I was pleased with the finished project!
Something for Someone Special!
Happy Birthday Mom

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