Monday, May 14, 2012


(I know I have been absent from blogging lately, but the next few postings will bring you up to date on my absence.) 

Now that our my husband's chores have been completed and our new trailer has a new parking pad, we decided to take the new toy out for its maiden voyage!!

We decided not to take the 4-wheelers with us on this first trip, so that we could concentrate on all the new amenities and to make sure everything was in working order.
We choose to drive a few hours away to Steamboat Rock State Park which is nestled next to Banks Lake in Grand Coulee, Washington.
We set up camp, and got into into playing with all the components of the trailer. After a few short hours, we realized only a few items were not working.  So while I was making a "fix it" list to provide to the dealership service department upon our return home, my husband decided to see if the outdoor entertainment center was in working order.  Mind you, my idea of camping is sitting by the campfire and enjoying the company of friends and family (of course, with a cold beverage in hand). My husband's idea of camping is sitting outdoors with a big screen television! Not to worry, the outdoor television was in working order, and he was briefly amused by watching "Shrek".   He was in heaven watching his movie and having a little snack! 
We took a brief ride (via truck) into town to see Grand Coulee Dam.
I was amazed by the size of the structure.  It isn't quite as impressive as Hoover Dam in Nevada, but its well worth a visit.

We returned to camp, had a quick bite to eat, and decided to take a small hike around the area to check out our surroundings.
This is where our camping trip took a turn for the worse......To Be Continued!   Stay tuned.  :-)

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