Wednesday, May 30, 2012


You would have thought I broke my hands by my limited postings. But honestly, I have had to keep my leg elevated, so my time at the computer has been extremely scarce. 

After the "initial" incident (May 5th), I parked by behind in the recliner and that is where I have remained for several weeks.
They wrapped my leg in a temporary cast, and ordered me to remain seated until the swelling reduced. I then was allowed to partake in a surgical procedure (May 16th) wherein I was graced with some mandatory "bling" (i.e. plate, rod and screws).

I was given a new soft cast, and ordered to limited activity while I recovered from surgery.
As of this date, I am able to hobble around the house with the assistance of crutches.  I was allowed to venture out of the house for a short excursion to the grocery store with my cousin, Linda,  
 my hubby took me camping over Memorial Day weekend (more to come on this adventure), and tomorrow I have plans to return to the doctor's office to receive a new hard casing fiberglass cast.

Basically, the month of May has been extremely uneventful.  I'm taking it one day at a time and I have been just sitting around with my new BFF!

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