Monday, July 2, 2012


I've been meaning to blog about a camp fire treat my sister discovered on Pinterest.  Normally, I am the one who tries to create and bring new ideas to our family camp outs, but this year she made me proud!

ORANGE CINNAMON ROLLS!    Ingredients:  A can of Pillsbury Grands Orange Flavor rolls, and oranges.
Cut the oranges in half, and remove the fruit pulp.  Try not to damage the peel, as it will become your cooking vessel for your rolls.
Place a roll into each orange peel half, and arrange onto a baking tin or griddle.  (Side note:  I believe this recipe would also cook well in a dutch oven)
Cover with foil, and place on grate over fire coals.  Baking times vary depending upon the heat of your fire.  You will have to peek at the rolls as they are rising, but expect the rolls to take at least 20 minutes or more to cook  (Disclaimer:  Rolls do not brown on the top, we turned ours over during the cooking process to insure the rolls were completely done).  
When the rolls are done, frost and ENJOY!

Thanks Krista for introducing me to a new camp fire treat~!

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