Wednesday, October 3, 2012


The weather here in the Northwest has been fabulous!  Absolutely no complaints!  Very little rain and plenty of sunshine.  I guess the downside of this great weather is that we have had our share of wildfires. (Thank you to all our firefighters for your service!)

Anyways, we choose to take the trailer out for a grand farewell to summer.  We headed back to Steamboat Rock State campground (and yes, that is where I broke my leg in May).
We arrived late on Thursday, as we wanted to get a prime camping spot before every Tom, Dick and Harry showed up for the weekend. Since my hubby had to work on Friday, he dropped me off (along with my daughter's 4 lb. Chiuwawa, Krawl, for protection!).  We had to fend for ourselves for 24 hours!  No problem, except for a lack of REM sleep that night because Krawl heard every sound possible and thought he would protect me with his evil growl.
We made it through our solo evening and woke up to Wild Kingdom right outside out window.
 We saw plenty of rabbits, pheasants and turkeys.
And, a large herd of mule deer.
My sister and her family joined us for a long weekend of rest and relaxation, and Cooper easily found ways to keep himself entertained.
Like I said, the only downside of our great summer was all the wildfires that were blaring throughout our state which meant a statewide burning ban.  No campfires!  Jack came to the rescue and brought his own "campfire".  Hey, it was better than nothing!
All in all, we had a fantastic camping trip.  Lots of relaxation! 
and pretty, pretty scenery.
It was a great way to say goodbye to a terrific summer!

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