Wednesday, December 5, 2012


While at the Houston Quilt Market, I was on the prowl for a new project. I decided to search the rows and rows of vendors until something special catch my attention.  The only criteria was that this new project had to include some hand sewing (a passion of mine!).

I found it the first day! Primitive Gatherings had a great display of table mat patterns that sucked me into their booth, and I immediately snatched up an assortment of patterns.

After some pondering on how I planned to assemble this new project (and with the anticipation of making some kits to sell on line), I purchased a variety of wool.  While wool is spendy, it gives every sewing project a very appealing look...a true a work of art.  I love it!

Each Santa and tree were hand sewn onto an 18" piece of black wool using a blanket stitch.  I used fusible web to attach the cotton backing and then blanket stitched the entire scalloped rim of the table mat. I did not use my sewing machine for any part of this pattern. I loved every minute of putting this beauty together.  I proudly display this completed project on my coffee table to all visitors to enjoy (including myself!).

I also purchased a some other table mat patterns, but I have not had the opportunity to put together a sample.  All in due time!  I even have a few of my own ideas for future holiday sewing projects using'll just have to stay tuned!

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Anonymous said...

hey...what happen to Santa's face?