Wednesday, January 9, 2013


I received the Farmer's Wife Quilt book in the mail last Friday.  Immediately began strolling through the pages, and reading the various stories.  Excited to start this new journey, I went to my sewing room and choose the first block to quilt.  #14!
There was absolutely no reason for starting with block #14, except it was the first page I saw when I opened the book.  

I then determined I would use my scraps of material designed by Moda's Sweetwater (as I have a lot) and I also wanted to use some new fat quarters from their new line that I picked up at the Houston Quilt Market.  I want this finished quilt to look bright, and cheerful.   
And, I went to work.   Within a few hours, I had hand stitched my first block.
While I enjoyed sewing this block, I was a little disappointed with the finished size.  It is suppose to be 6x6, but I must have been too gracious in my seam allowances as it measures a tad bit short.

Sew, I cut out another block (#103), eyeballed smaller seam allowances and stitched it together.  This block measures 6x6, but I am unhappy with my fabric selection.  I shouldn't have used a directional fabric. 
Back to the drawing board!!  Third times a charm, right?  Sew, I cut out another block (#56), and whipped it together.
This block was too big!  I am disappointed and rethinking my desire to sew this newest project by hand.  I am going to give it one more try (as I cut out block #42), and if I am not happy with the final results, I am going to start all over, but I will use my trusty sewing machine.

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