Friday, January 4, 2013


I have not been one to make New Year's resolutions, as I have a tenancy to not follow through, especially if it deals with weight loss or exercise.  I don't know why, but this year, I had a calling, or perhaps a strong desire to do a Farmer's Wife Quilt and I'm going to do it as a New Year's resolution.
Loving the letters in this book
Sew, I got online, purchased the book and began searching various blogs for inspiration and guidance.

While the book won't be here until Monday, I have read a lot of great advise from fellow bloggers and I am excited to get this project going.  I notice there are a lot of Quilt Along's in progress, but I think I am going to tackle this quest on my own.  I just have to decide if I am going to make a scrappy quilt or use various fabrics from one designer.  I am also contemplating on doing this quilt all by hand!

While I might not be able to complete 111 blocks in a years time (especially if I decide to sew them by hand), I believe I had a good chance at completing this resolution as it deals with one of the things I love...quilting!

Perhaps, you'll join me in this new project. Nevertheless, I'll keep you posted on my progress....stay tuned! 

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LM Graham said...

Good Luck! That's over 9 blocks a month for a year.

Love L