Friday, April 19, 2013

QUILTING BEE: Family Style

Twice each year, my cousin Linda and I try and get together for a little family style quilting bee.  In the past, I've gone to her home or she has came to my home, and we spend our time together sewing. (See this post of past quilting retreat).  I have to confess that I rather go to her house, as she has a  sewing room to die for and she feeds me like a queen! (Its a win, win for me!!)

This year, we decided to meet at a half way point between our houses in Missoula, Montana! I packed the car with my sewing machine, bolts of fabric and other essentials to get through the weekend; and hit the road! 
Linda did some research and found a hotel that accommodates people like us....quilters!
Rubys Inn & Convention Center
Ruby's Inn & Convention Center
We stayed two nights at Ruby's Inn on Reserve Street.  While its an older establishment, the accommodations were PERFECT and we couldn't ask for better hospitality. 

Our room was large enough to host two KING size beds, and we still had plenty of room to set up our sewing stations.
The manager of the hotel even offered and delivered a banquet table to our room for our sewing machines.  We set up the ironing board and transformed a small dining table into our cutting station. 

By 5 p.m., we were set up and anxious to get started.  
A quick mug shot to capture the memory...and we hit the ground running!  
Photo: Trelevean Quilting Bee

To be continued...

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The only thing missing was SUSHI!