Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Weekend: Part II

I had planned and was looking forward to this trip to visit my cousin Linda for several months. It's been years since she and I had time (just the two of us) to visit. This was to be a private quilting retreat, but to my surprise and utter enjoyment, Linda is also a fantastic chef and enjoys to cook for her family and friends! LUCKY ME!!

Friday morning, we ran a few errands. She took me to one of her favorite local shops: Olivelle! A gourmet shop specializing in oils, vinegars andfine foods with an European touch! This place is to die for! http://www.olivelle.com/)

Linda has purchased several (and I'm sure she is Olivelle's BEST customer) of their speciality olive oils, vinegars, herbs and spices, and utilizes them in all her cooking. Here's a photo of my purchase, and I'm anxious to experiment.

Linda is also active in Quilts for Valor, a non-profit organization that quilts to honor and comfort our wounded! They conduct their monthly quilting bees the 4th Friday of each month. We (with me providing the muscle power) delivered a crock of Italian Wedding soup which Linda (aka The Gourmet Chef) made for the hungry quilters who were volunteering their time this particular day. This organization is always looking for volunteers and donated quality fabrics. What a great way to honor our service men and women! Makes me proud to be an American!

After an eventful morning, I finally made my way to Linda's quilting room and tried to be productive...

...only to be distracted by the aroma of a fresh ham and pineapple pizza made with a homemade garlic and herb dough!

No need to worry....Linda and I ate the WHOLE thing (and the wine was great too)!

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