Friday, June 14, 2013


I returned a few weeks ago from a glorious three week vacation to Europe! This trip was to celebrate our 50th birthdays. I could not have had a better gift. 

I totally plan to share some of my pictures and stories, but it will have to wait.

Upon our return stateside, I discovered (thank goodness) that my family was throwing me a birthday party and the party is going to be at MY HOUSE!  

My house needs a lot of TLC!  My To-Do List is long and I believe its at least a year old.  Last summer, I was unable to get anything completed....(remember?)...
My mind has gone into overdrive....weed, replant shrubs, plant flowers, plant garden, stain the front and back porch, power-wash the outdoor furniture, re-stain the outdoor furniture, make new seat cushions, touch-up house paint....(the list goes on and on) and that's just the outside of the house. 

Last weekend, my sister, her family, and my mom and MT came to assist in some of my chores.  They  even brought dinner in a crock pot so we wouldn't have to stop to make any food.  We spent hours outside, and were able to get (at least) most of the front yard completed.

So, I haven't forgot to post on my blog.  I truly just have not had time!  (P.S.  I have not even been able to sew --- gasp!)  

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