Wednesday, July 17, 2013


This year I was able to plant a garden!  
I love growing vegetables.  Besides quilting, its one of my favorite past times. 

While I planted the garden a little late this year, I believe the plants are coming along just fine, except the green beans and zucchini. I was able to harvest my first head of cabbage this past weekend, and my husband and I enjoyed a Chicken Cabbage Salad for Sunday's dinner.

It won't be long before the tomatoes and peppers

 will be large enough and ripe enough to pick.

I don't know if the green beans will  have time to produce,
as I noticed some little creature has been nibbling on the new green foliage.
I originally planted 24 seeds, and it looks like only 10 have survived.
We will just have to see how much they produce.

Red & green cabbage and starts of celery
Romaine lettuce
The first zucchini blossom that survived and wasn't eaten by ??
And, my mint seems to be thriving with its new flowering companions. 
Hmm?  I think I just might make myself a Mojito and enjoy my harvest!

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