Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Quilt Group

We gathered last night for our monthly quilt group.  Merry hosted this event.  We were able to see her new house on the river (very pretty!!), and she served us peach margaritas and lavender cookies.  We chatted (a lot) and sewed (a little), and Jill was the only one who had Show & Tell.

She just received the quilt top back from the quilter, and was sewing on the binding (while drinking her margarita --- that takes talent!).  It's a wedding present for her niece that just got married.  The pattern is Turning Twenty.
Nice job Jill.   It's priceless!


Anonymous said...

Holy HUGE quilt!!

Sis said...

I love it!!! Mom if you feel generous I could use a Boys twin size quilt for a flower blowing little youngster ;)