Wednesday, February 15, 2012


This past weekend, the Hubby and I escape to Seattle for a little pre-Valentine's celebration.
We stay two nights at the fabulous Grand Hyatt Seattle!
We enjoyed our luxury accommodations with great views of the sound, Pike Street Market, 
and the Space Needle.
We wined and dined at Blue Acre Seafood, Tap House, Assaggio's, and The Terrible Beauty Irish Pub with family and friends.  The food was probably one of the highlights of my entire weekend. It was all so yummy, but my favorite was the King Duo at Blue Acres (I love my seafood)!

And, I was able to find a few minutes every now and then to sew.  I believe I am starting to see some progress on my traveling cross stitch project.
Even though we were blessed with typical Seattle weather (and I forgot my umbrella...gasp!), we had a GREAT time.  I am just sad the weekend ended so soon.  Guess we'll have to plan another trip soon to the Emerald City!

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