Monday, June 11, 2012


Even though I was gimpy, my hubby and I partook in our annual camping trip in Priest River, Idaho over the Memorial Day weekend with family and friends.
Our set-up was perfect.  My sister had the site directly behind us so we were able to cover a lot of territory.
We choose to use their fire pit as the "gathering" place since Jack was the official Fire Marshall, and
it was close enough for me to be the official Fire Observer.

We played some games,
watched some movies, 
had a bubble party accompanied by a lot of cocktails,
and some of us took a much needed nap. 
At night, the kids provided us with a little entertainment
 off the party deck of our trailer,
we also ate lots of food,
and did some star gazing!
All in all, the weekend went without any major events and no other broken bones.  It was a success!!

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Anonymous said...

I can't believe you posted that amazingly horrid picture of me, however, Chloe looks fab!