Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Dear US District Court Judge:

Shame on you! The man who shot the two deputies,and whom you RELEASED from jail without bond for heroin distribution has a previous criminal record of 25 convictions for drugs, burglary, theft, forgery, assault, and DUI. You were TOLD this man was a flight risk, but you released him so he could check into inpatient drug treatment. What were you thinking?? I believe you personally need to apologize to those two officers who are now injured because of a decision you made to release a known criminal! You also owe the officers who originally put their lives on the line and arrested this high risk criminal an apology. Our police officers are doing their jobs, why aren't you?? 

Sincerely, A Police Officer's Wife

(Yesterday, our community experienced an act of violence for which many of us are seeking answers to several questions on why a known criminal was walking the streets as a free man.  I apologize for this random posting, but I am very frustrated with the legal system and just needed to post my thoughts.)

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