Wednesday, October 10, 2012


In a few short weeks, we will be venturing to the Palouse for some tailgating and a WSU football game.  On a whim and in preparation for our tailgating festivities (and the fact its going to be freezing cold), I collected and bought some flannel fabric over the weekend.
While my hubby and I did not graduate from WSU, we spent a pretty penny putting my son through their four year (it was really a five year) program.  I believe we spent enough money towards the university to qualify us as being genuine Cougars!  

I wanted a quilt to wrap up into and to keep warm during the game, but I also wanted to show my team spirit.   Sew, I got busy and threw together a quick lap quilt. I kept contemplating on whether or not to applique the WSU or Cougar logo onto the center of the quilt, but I truly did not believe I had enough time to get it done and to the quilters.  The quilt is now at the quilters, and its to be returned to me in plenty of time to sew on the binding.

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