Wednesday, December 26, 2012


I don't know about you, but I spend several months getting ready for Christmas.  This year, I had to be very prepared and had most of my shopping and wrapping completed by Thanksgiving as I had to ship packages overseas and various spots around the U.S. I had a wonderful Christmas even though my children were not home (thank goodness for Skype and cell phones). 

I ended up spending a little leisurely time sewing and making a few gifts for family and friends.
Moose Track's quilt for Dad & step mom
Santa Baby pillow for each of my children, my sister and
Savor the Summer pillow for my mom

Coin purse for Katie
Coin Purse for my Mom
Mini coin purse for my Mom (Tutorial to follow sometime in the near future)
Arm rest remote control holder for M.T.
So much planning goes into the holiday season, and by a blink of an eye....its over!  

Don't worry, though, Christmas is only 364 days away!

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