Friday, May 3, 2013


Last weekend was our inaugural camping trip!  It was very successful.  We returned to Steamboat Rock State Park one year after the hiking disaster (see postings in May 2012).  The entire weekend went without a hitch, mishap, accident.....        I was a very Happy Camper!! 
Photo: Inaugural trip!!
If I had to make one negative point about our weekend, it would be someone (me) had an operator error when using a camera (due to the fact that I probably drank to much wine), and deleted all the pictures I had taken over the course of the weekend.  Oops!   The above photo is courtesy of my sister, who seems to have enough talent to be able to drink and operate electronics. 

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lilow said...

Love Steamboat and love camping with the Cates/DeMello clan! Miss you all!