Wednesday, May 1, 2013

NEW ARRIVAL: Moda's Snowman Gatherings

I've been a little lackadaisical in posting lately.  Sorry, I have no good excuses.  I'll try and keep up.

Last week, UPS bought a box!  A new shipment of fabric.   I've been waiting for this delivery since I placed the order in Houston last October.  Snowman Gatherings from Moda by Primitive Gatherings.
While they provided a lot of craft ideas using this line of fabric, I had my own agenda for these woven treasures. I've had a goal for several years to make a quilt for each bed in my home that I can change for the seasons, or holidays. GOAL: Turn this collection into a winter/Christmas quilt (and make several kits for fellow quilters to purchase).  I quickly found a pattern that suited my taste and I think it shouts WINTER! 

"Snowflake", made solely in blue and white fabrics.  What do you think?
I'm so excited, but I have to finish the sample quilt in Kansas Trouble's Pheasant Hill first before tackling another project.  (Work still in progress!)

Luckily, my cousin Linda has graciously offered to make up a sample quilt out of the Snowman Gatherings fabric line. Before she changes her mind, I'll be boxing up a little care package of fabric and a pattern and shipping it off to Montana.  

Look out it comes! 

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LM Graham said...

Just send me enough fabric...I like to make a sample block. Just in case there are any mistakes in the pattern! Looking forward to it
...Love L