Wednesday, July 31, 2013


I'm skipping around a little bit on our European vacation, but I wanted to share with you a little sewing project that I tackled (and was not planned) while in Germany with our daughter.

Our first night in Germany was very cold.  I kept requesting additional blankets when making up our bed.  I was happy to see Kristina brought out the T-Shirt quilt I had made for her a few years back.
I gave the quilt a quick once-over and was pleased to note it was being used and still in very good condition. I'm sure Kristina was rolling her eyes when she watched me inspect some corners, and edges, but I wanted to make sure stitches were not loose.

Since it was very COLD that evening, I requested another blanket to throw onto the bed. Kristina immediately retrieved a blanket from the bedroom, and she had it folded up under her arms.  I  noticed it was a old, faded quilt. As she unfolded it and placed it on top of the bed, she mentioned that the quilt was Cody's, and he's had it since he was very little. Cody then proceeded to tell me that his grandmother made him and each of his brother's a quilt and his was the only one that (he believed) still existed. I noticed the quilt was machine pieced and quilted, and it was in need of some tender loving care. The binding had come undone around a majority of the quilt. There were numerous holes in the quilt top where the stitches had broken away from the quilt pieces, and the machine quilting was almost non-existent. 

I immediately grabbed my sewing bag (which I take on all my trips), and began mending.
The day before we left to head back home, I had fixed the entire quilt binding, and sewn all the loose quilt pieces. It should last several more years for Cody to enjoy and to continue to remind him of his grandmother. 
As I write this post, I realize that I did not ask Cody about the history of this quilt. I am sure it has a wonderful story to go along with this wonderful heirloom.

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