Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Fire Starters

Yes, I was a Girl Scout leader for several years and I still utilize most of the skills provided to me.  My absolute favorite trick I still use to this day are the fire starters made from dryer lint (approximately a full 1-gallon size ziplock baggie which takes a few months to accumulate), empty cardboard egg carton and 1 block of paraffin wax.  We have an upcoming camping trip planned and my stash was getting low.
First, I cut off the top lid of the cardboard egg carton.   PACK and stuff the egg holes full of dryer lint.
Using a small metal coffee can (i.e. double boiler style), I place the wax in a recyclable metal can in a pan of boiling water and slowly melt the wax.  
Pour the melted wax over the lint stuffed egg carton.
Once cooled, break each egg segment off and store in a zip lock baggie until ready to use.  You only need one fire starter for every fire you start.  Wrap the fire starter in paper, lay your kindling over top, light the paper and watch the magic happen.  Easy!  Safe!  Environmentally Clean!  Thanks Girl Scouts!

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Anonymous said...

Awesome! I will be making some of these for our fireplace this winter!
Jacque in SC