Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Almost two years ago, my in-laws came to visit for an extended period over the summer.  In order to kill some time, my mother-in-law volunteered to try and piece together some quilt blocks out of my  scraps.

Sew, I anxiously dug into my pile of pattern books and came across a book I had previously purchased: Heather Peterson's Anka's Treasures, and I was quickly drawn to the perfect pattern: Love Blooms.

My mother in-law pulled up her sleeves and began cutting and piecing my leftover stash of Moda's Kansas Trouble fabric.  Before she left to go back home to the Smokey Mountains, she had completed 36 blocks and instructed me that it was my job to finish the quilt top.
Over time, I blanket stitched flowers onto the four corners squares, and eventually, I sewed the blocks into rows.

Then, those blocks sat around in my sewing room until this past weekend!   I was finally able to sew them together.

I just need to sew on the borders, and the top will be complete.  I am, however, thinking about quilting this prize by will probably take me another year to get the quilt finished.  But, I could always change my mind and send it out to be quilted.  Time will tell and I'll let you know!

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